Yogesh Honavarkar
@SwoleAwakening · 4:58

An honest review by a father son duo about RRR bagging a golden globe award & happy vibes.

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Every tad bit of chords played in every song, every background musical moment that I had with RR was a spectacle. And I could never, ever forget the fact how my boy jumped into the moment he sees Ram Chillin transforming into Ram and shooting that bow with the arrow to the bad guys. Well, that's Indian culture, my friends. And as long as your friend, your kids are exposed to it, trust me, our country is safe, the culture is safe, the tradition is safe

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Aayan B
@aayanisms · 0:40

Keep inspirrrring!

I just stumbled upon your swell. What an amazing swell. Lend me some of your energy, man. I want to know the secret sauce that you have. And I love listening to your swell. Absolutely. Arala is a great example of how language knows no boundaries and it transcends body orders and destinations. Right. And so, yeah, if that helps inspire some people, then that's the way to go. Keep podcasting. Do let me know where you podcast