AVATAR 2 | Star Wars Trivia | Giveaway Draw!

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And second to that is, this week we had a very cool, very fun episode on the show playing some Star Wars Ultimate Trivia, which is proprietary to Star Wars Escape Pod. It's a 200 plus question algorithm that we've got with multiple levels of difficulty and we tend to play it between one and three times a year. So normally around Christmas time, normally around the transition of the year. So let me know if you listened along at home

If you tuned into the podcast this week let us know about your time playing trivia with us! How was #AVATAR for you? #starwars #nerdtropolis #trivia

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Jack .
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I'll have the live ads on the walls kind of thing and saved us the poster. So it's cool and I agree it looks super smooth and the graphics and cinematography are always incredible, but it's on the agenda. Star wars top three underrated characters. This is a good one. My three QuiGon, Jim. I think just a really cool character brought the new series alive. I grew up as a kid watching like a new Hope in that all series
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