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Welcome to the India Travel Stories. Exploring India is an extraordinary experience where a story awaits you at every bend of the road. From bustling cities to quaint villages, iconic locations, landmarks to hidden gems, local flavors to Hotti cuisine and sacred shrines to architectural marvels, India is a cultural mosaic of people, places and exceptional experiences waiting to be unraveled. And that's what you will find in the India Travel Stories


Priya Jyoti
@priyajyoti · 1:05
Wow. You just explain the travel and experience of yours in India in a very informative and decided way in just a few seconds. It was wonderful listening to you. First of all, your voice is amazing. And if you talk about traveling India, because I'm also an Indian, it feels amazing. I can relate to anything, not just because I'm an Indian, because everything has its own feeling. And I love to describe my country
gungun bansal
@gungunbansal_ · 1:20


And I personally believe rather than going out of India to choose a foreign country to have a trip, I believe in personally let me just fulfill my dream to see whole India. I really wish I can complete this and I seriously want to currently want to visit Eastern Eastern areas in my priority like A, Nachal Pradesh, Singh, Myanmar and there's a lot of things that I want to see there. Thank you so much for posting this podcast. It's really amazing
Enemen Enemen
@Enemen · 1:10

My first trip to the Taj Mahal. Such a wonderful experience I must say.

After that you could would expand the site and you can go there and buy different stuff made from marble from local market. It's a lifetime experience that every Indian must have. So this is my part