The Swell Team
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#SwellCalendar May 2023

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Hello. Hi everybody. This is Taylor from the Swell Team. I wanted to quickly share our updated calendar for the month of May. We have many exciting events planned, including Hashtag Ask A Question, hashtag Books, hashtag Askalocal and Hashtag Debate. This as well as many more fun hashtag events. As always, hope you enjoy taking part in these events, and please feel free to share your ideas for future events by leaving a comment below. Thank you so much and happy swell casting

Upcoming Events in May #SecondLanguage, #AskSwell, #Books, #AskALocal, #DebateThis, #AmReading, #SwellSunday

Angela Kaye
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An idea for a future calendar. #CareerDay

Um good afternoon. If I had a suggestion for future calendar events, the first one that comes to mind would be, like, hashtag Career Day, where people can chat about what it is they do for a living, how they got into it, how long they've been doing it. And if someone wanted to get into that same career field, what steps would they need to take? Thank you
Atilio Reyes
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You. Hello, dear auntie Ang, I love your idea about talking about the challenge and stage we had to overcome to develop a career or the paths we are following to carry day by day and in this way be able to inspire others to take advantage of this experience. I would like to listen about the challenge of other people and how do they how do they get better results or over this challenge. Thank you