My heart was defective

One of them suggested I do some kind of business, though before this I didn't have any experience. However, I decided to try. I began trading in goods in a different city where my wife's family had been living for many years. I stumbled at times, but made fairly good progress. As time passed, I went into the more challenging field of manufacturing all along. After leaving the army, I realized how my military training had made me enterprising and resilient
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Hi Sushmir ji, thank you so much for sharing your story. First of all, a salute to all the defence personnel who have served the country, who are serving the country and for those who aspire to serve the country. Thank you for your service that you provided to our country. And the story is very inspiring because, you know, this is the time of the day where the day is like pretty dull
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Hi. Thanks for listening in. I need to tell you that these stories are actually not my stories. They are the stories of some army officers whom I know, and so it's a first person account of someone else whom I know, and that person is 80 plus, not me. So I just wanted to clarify that for the rest. It's very sweet of you to say that the stories are inspiring. I'm glad
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Hi Sushma, sorry, but your voice and your narration sounded so convincing that I was like, wow, this lady doesn't look 80 plus. So was I mistaken in identifying, you know, the age? So definitely apologies. But thank you for sharing someone else's experience, because that's how you you spread the knowledge of experience and positivity. And please keep the podcasts coming. It's really nice to hear you hear from
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Life is long, and there are so many things that a person can do that they are not even aware of. The potential that. The sleeping potential that we have that we don't realize until we try, no matter what age we are. And that age is a number. And that's what I got from this, which is very, very inspiring. It's encouraging for me to hear. So thank you for sharing the story, and I am looking forward. This is actually very nice
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Welcome to Swell!

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Thank you, Candy. That was really nice of you. I will share with the person about this story whom I have written about and tell him about your feedback. He is indeed somebody who inspires. Thank you once more