It was a tsunami of emotions and grief. Her eyes were red rimmed and face haggard. The lines of sorrow were etched endlessly into her face. Her body shook with sobs as they took her son out of the coffin covered with the country's national flag. He had been killed on the merciless, craggy rocks of the Kargil peaks. How the bullets must have torn into his chest as the enemy had a strong vantage point. Her chest heaved in untold agony

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Varsha Sharma
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Very nice write up
Sushama Kasbekar
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Thank you, Varsha. I hope you will listen to all the writeups that I have put here, the podcasts. And I'll be sharing one very soon. Hopefully, it will be about the siegen glacier. As we know, our army, our soldiers are there for a long time right on top of the glacier, and they face many hardships. So I'll be writing about that. Thank you once more