A motivation from Middle East to implement multiple currencies in India segmented by North, South, East & West instead of Just INR reigning all

So gradually what I think is maybe we can give rise to a some similar currency like kuwaiti dinar if something goes right. So this was the end of the podcast. I hope it enlightens

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Suraj /Rishav/Nirmal
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Discussion about the Pros & Cons, further

So one obvious concern is why should entire India suffer from the risks taken by someone in their geography? Why should privatization of entities related to culture as in temples, schools, railway stations, airports, happen for all? Why should central government put everyone at stake just because someone is taking risk? So I believe floating four major currencies besides INR would just ensure that they are using their own denomination, their own geographies, currency and that. And if any risk has to be encountered, then they do it
Aishani Chatterjee
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The homogeneity, I believe will help different economies thrive, and instead of accumulating all the power in one place or in the hands of one single country or state or whatever it is, it would help in the growth of economies globally. And along with this reply, I'm going to attach the link to the swell personal finance page or community, which basically consists of some prompts related to personal finance which I think you might be interested in since you are someone who understands and talks about finance
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Hey Ayshani, glad you liked my proposal. So yeah, I've been working basically on cryptocurrency also these days. If you have any ideas of how powerful a cryptocurrency is, it basically hovers around the governments. So yeah, I am very thankful that you shared those finance related links with me. I will surely have a look at it
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What I realized is you must be aware, barter systems existed prior to floating of currencies, as in ashrafis and the metal coins and everything else which later got translated into respective currencies as in paper notes or metal ones. So I be. I do believe that crypto is going to be a future of currency, decentralized currency, where everyone gets a fair share of value that they create. It's just similar to, I guess, barter system from the history of mankind