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Sumran Jot Singh
@Sumranjs · 2:36

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society

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It is also a personal journey and transformation of the protagonist. Another interesting fact is that the primary author, Mary Anne Schaffer, did not live to see this novel published and it was then finished by her niece, Annie Borrows. There is a movie based on this book which I found enjoyable to watch after reading the novel. It has striking visuals and good performances, but I think it manipulated the story way too much

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Suma George
@sumageorge · 0:13
Thank you for that lovely review. I sure am going to keep this as keep it aside on my shelf that want to read book. So thank you very much for that lovely review
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Sumran Jot Singh
@Sumranjs · 0:14


Hi Suma. Thank you for your reply and I hope you will get a chance to read this book. And once you do, you may share your thoughts. So thank you so much
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