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Suma George
@sumageorge · 1:06

How to Stand Up to a Dictator

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Hello, everyone. I'm here to talk about a book that I am reading, how to Stand Up to a Dictator by Maria Vessa. As she puts it, this book is for anyone who might take democracy for granted, and it's written by someone who never would. She actually talks about her younger days, how she was raised in Philippines and how she had to move to the US

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 0:28


Kisuma. A few of my friends had referred this book to me. They had asked me to check it out, and I had somehow forgotten about it, really. Probably I hadn't added it to my list or something, but after listening to your review of the book, I think I'm really interested in it, and I'm definitely going to check it out. So, yeah, thanks for this detailed review
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Suma George
@sumageorge · 0:25


You. Hi, Aishani. It's good to know that you have decided to read it. It takes a lot of time, though, to internalize everything that she has written, because you have to listen to the ways that she intentionally takes it through the journey of her life. So, yeah, take your time. Read it
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