Dear hurt and head. Stop finding fault in yourself just because someone you wanted doesn't stayed with you. Stop making fake scenarios just because you feel fragile and reality will give deep scars. Stop rewinding, just stop. The only thing you must accept and understand is that no matter how much it is hurtful, sometimes people don't stay even if they could, and no justification and explanation can validate their act of living

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nalini pooja
@Pooja1234567 · 1:31
And very first thing is, don't explain. No, that's wrong. You are true for yourself. Whatever you are, it's purely your own personal life and you need not explain people much. Don't explain and don't get guilt for yourself. People who love you stay with you. And the people who go away, move away from your life. It's for your good let day. So, yeah, you need not explain yourself because you're the angel