Sue Merlino
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Finding Joy

That snap back is the mindfulness. That's what we need to practice. Pursue hobbies and passions. I tried over COVID to learn how to cross stitch. I used to do this in high school. It was fun back then. Not so much fun now. I don't know what kit I ordered but I'm looking for other hobbies that would be better than checking instagram, dedicate time to activities that you are passionate about. Painting, writing, whatever it is. Playing an instrument

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Ari Rivera
@ari.rivera9 · 1:41
And I do agree that a lot of those things on the list do help me find Joy. I know that I work out every day to release stress and endorphins and things like that. And I love the thing about being grateful, like just writing down or saying it out loud every morning about what you're grateful for. I think that that's also a great way to find joy in the little things in life
Natalie M
@cluttersource · 0:25
Hello. My name is Natalie, and I just wanted to thank you for your list of reminders. They're always really good to have, especially the mindfulness and the not checking of social media. I know my Time clutter, as I call it. I use a lot of that up on those things, even while I work from home. So it is a good reminder, and I look forward to more of your lists of reminders. Thank you
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em 🦋💐🤍
@emmalaurenpoole · 1:07
Hi, sue. I just wanted to drop by to thank you so much for sharing this. It's super interesting. Your perspective is kind of like mine. I operated so long in my life waiting for joy to find me, and then eventually I just came to this epiphany and this realization that I can choose joy and I can find joy. You know, joy isn't something that simply happens. It is a choice. Just like happiness, I think, is a choice
Maurice Lekea
@malekea · 4:40
And some people don't have that choice. Some people went to sleep last night, they never woke up. That was the very last day of their life. And some people don't have a choice to when and where to sleep. They are outside on the street. So when you think about those things around but think about yourself, all the blessings that you have, that's how you create your own bubble, your own joy. It does not hurt anybody else. It's just for you