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Sue Merlino
@SueM · 4:54

How to bounce back after disappointing news!

Try to understand the situation. Sometimes disappointments can lead to valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. So there's always something good you can take from this. Three stay positive. Maintaining a positive outlook is essential. Focus on the things you can control. Setbacks are often temporary. Actually, everything's temporary, but having a positive attitude can help you find solutions more effectively. And maybe gaslighting yourself a little bit is an extreme, but it works. Four seek support

My list of 10 eays to guide you through disappointmets #happinessescoach #suemerlino #ritualwomenshealth

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 1:22

#graritude #assistance #showinglove

Hey, Sue, I love that you're doing this because it's spoken from the eye of experience in a way. You've obviously walked the path, you've experienced what you have, and you found ways that maybe in that moment helped you overcome, but also after the fact. You were also able to likely consider more ways to help overcome, because breath work is a fantastic tool. And I definitely relate to that one the most that you mentioned in this one
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Sue Merlino
@SueM · 0:32


You. Hey, thanks so much for your response. I do appreciate it. And, yeah, flipping the switch, I think I'm going to talk about that a little bit more, because that's the biggest issue, isn't it? Like getting over that hurdle or trying to convince ourselves to get ourselves out of that repetitive pattern of being stuck. So I keep doing what you're doing. And thank you so much for your response. It means a lot, and I totally appreciate it
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