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John Wood
@StopBeingSkinny · 4:38

How To Workout To Gain Muscle the Easy Way!

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Obviously you can do some sort of variation but ultimately you're going in with fresh energy you're going to be using that energy for really productive reps and you're going to be doing that three times a week so you're going to hit the frequency check box as it were you're ticking that box you're doing really good heavy compound movements check another box and so you're going to be really giving yourself the best bang for your buck as it were and using your time and using the sets and making the sets the most efficient as you possibly can so I hope that makes sense that's really where you're going to start off on the next audio I will talk a little bit more about this and I'm going to just quickly run through what a sample workout could look like so please click on to the next one if you want to hear that

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