Dom Gatto
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For A Friend

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Good morning. And here goes another one of my poems for my chat book, Passionate Journey. Donny Gatto passionate journey. How cruel she is with the narcissistic ways. How pontificating, how well they should live their lives. How cruel she is. Keeps you hanging on a hook while she makes plans with a lover to go on a cruise and tells you about it. So coolly
Natasha Webb
@NatashaNoel · 1:03
It had me giggling just a little bit because I can resonate. I can resonate. Anyway, I enjoyed it. Isn't it funny, though, how people make excuses and we just let them because we love them, because we care, whatever. We can see things that just ain't right or that they're not treating us the way they need to be treating us. I could just hear the what's the word? Well, disappointment and anger, anyway. But it was really good
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