Steve Dean
@stevenmdean · 3:12

Connection vs. Compatibility in dating

They hire a coach to distill who they are into a profile, into every photo, every caption, every line of text, every message they send, and really try to shine forth so that all of your dimensions of compatibility, or at least as many as possible, can be rendered in that two dimensional space of a dating profile. But when it comes to connection, some people just want connection. They're not ready for committing to something long term

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Ophelia Johnson
@LadyO · 3:56
But a lot of times with the profiles, they say one thing, but then when you start chatting with them, it's a completely different story. And while you can make, like, a mental connection with that person through chats, through phone calls and things like that, a lot of times when you meet, at least for me, I'm looking to make an emotional connection with them as well. And then you see if there's any kind of physical connection that you can make with them
Mark Brooks
@markbrooks · 1:49


They're connecting because they want to have something intimate and possibly long term. I think to your point about short term versus long term, there's a saying, I think, that says that men lie about wanting a long term relationship and women lie about wanting a short term one, which is a bit of an extreme. But ultimately, if you find something that really works for you, why give us up?