So let's think about that. When I think about that, when it comes to business, I think about Larry's pub. That pub that you patronize, you went to when you first turned 21 and you were able to walk in there legally and order a drink at the bar. And then over the years, that's the place you went to. And it was just like you were walking into an episode of Cheers because everyone knew your name and you knew everyone else's

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Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 1:07
I was trying to plead my case to continue the relationship or things of that nature. So, yeah, I agree with you. We don't have to get closure. Closure can be overrated. And really, if you're seeking closure, you're really hurting yourself in the long run, because, like you said, the other person probably already moved on, and you're still sitting here trying to talk to them, and they don't even want to talk to you
Mike W
@Scribe7 · 5:00
If I'm trying to live by that now, I can't expect for you to take the time to so called set me free at the end, or if you're not responsible for my happiness, and that's on me, then I can't make you responsible for putting me at some kind of ease. Because like you said, whether you know it or not, whether you want to admit it or not, you knew it was coming. And, I mean, that's just general