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An Unexpected Gift - Author Ajay K Panday in Conversation.

In a world often filled with chaos and uncertainty, there's an undeniable craving for stories that touch the heart, inspire change, and leave a lasting impact. Today, I have the pleasure of having this conversation with author Ajay K. Pandey, whose latest book, an unexpected gift, has been receiving rave reviews for its ability to deliver exactly that. A feel good, heartwarming tale with a powerful message

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1. What sparked the idea for the book?

So, Ajay, I think the theme of unconditional love and sacrifice is what really stood out for me in your book. An unexpected gift. So I'm very curious to know what sparked the idea for the book. Any personal experience that kind of set the ball rolling. How did you come up with this whole concept for this book?


Hello from this book I wanted to give a message that motherhood is not related to any gender Jabbiham Kisi Makibadkartham to hamara dimak make lady Kipicharathiya so this book is going to talk about mother is not gender specific means if you are a man and you are taking care of a child you are loving that child, you're giving all the emotions, you are equally a mother second if talking about the inspiration for this books authors is a true story of a sheetal jama paribashital semila though I was really shocked kishital life may jokuch face kiya jokuch onuna chalahe that gave me an inspiration to write a book but meridi Makmikor Gatnathi many years ago I was going hyderabad punisa hadrabad macharata to muje boss or they were asking money man capacity derata because mojaya salagratha kivo easy money respectable job karakta many argument mega letter apku ki hamiku job data inisa palibar mujalagi kuinko job data kuni and that also triggers me to write this book and of course this is a true story of a sheetal I would not say 100% true but in spite of sheetal's life manukanam change kiyahe don't try to search ho ishita thank you
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2. Your thoughts on how books can change societal norms towards marginalized communities?

In your book, Ajay, your protagonist Abhay's initial reaction to discovering Sheetal's transgender identity reflects the prejudices and biases prevalent in society around the community. Also, the pressure that he faces to remove Sheetal from a job that she's doing wonderfully well also raises important questions about acceptance and inclusivity. How do you believe books like yours or literature can broadly help challenge and change societal norms regarding marginalized communities?


When you will involve, when you will talk to them upon Siddharthi Karogi, bhat Karogi, you will get to know Ki Ari Jesse Logan. So the real message this book is going to give you, you are going to explore their lives, their challenges. At end of the day, you will realize they are just like us. You will have more empathy for them. Thank you
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3. Your research behind the empathetic portrayal of transgender individuals in the book.

An unexpected gift, has been praised for its empathetic portrayal of transgender individuals. What research or personal experiences informed your portrayal of Sheetal's character and her struggles?


Of course, I have done lot of research to write this book. The first thing is it is a true story of sheetal. So sheetal life itself a research work for me. I met so many transgender women, so many transgender men. I got to know there is a hyper men personality for them, hyper women personality for them. And there is a lot of groups as well. Boss channels as a
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4. What challenges did you face while writing about sensitive topics like single parenthood & gender identity?

I think I have just one more question for you, Ajay. But before that, let me thank you for taking the time out, being here today and giving us this deep dive into what went behind the writing of your book. I wish you all the very best and I also hope to have you back in this, well, community talking about your upcoming books. So, yeah, here goes


People are going to think it's a sexual identity kind of story, but this story is little different. This story will increase their respect in people's mind. Thank you