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Sri Dhanya Maheswaran
@sridhanya · 3:07

Are you celebrating yet?

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I have put in a lot of effort to that. So what did I celebrate this week? Let me tell you, I finished writing a long form article in one sitting. No distractions, really proud of myself. And I also stopped reacting to something, a situation that I have no control over. This was obviously the toughest of all, something I've been trying to do for, I don't know, months now. I also took lunch breaks on time for a week straight

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Aayan B
@aayanisms · 3:35

@sridhanya : keep it simple

Which means, simply put, it means that there are some things that you will learn in time. No matter how smart we become, how equipped we become, some things we learn over a period of time. So pacing ourselves well is key to leading a healthy, happy life. If you don't get something now, you'll get it tomorrow, that's fine. That doesn't mean we develop like a physical approach. We become lazy. That's not the point
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shafali anand
@shafali · 2:24
And in time, our body begins to feel the stress, which means we turn unhealthy. We start getting problems, physical problems, like maybe thyroidism or possibly diabetes or blood pressure. So what we are doing, what we are gaining out of it is actually bad health. That is all. So I'm really glad that you switched gears. You discovered that celebrating small winds can actually fuel you up, charge you up. I wish you all the best for the future
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