Move on

Hello, how are you doing? Yeah I missed you all so much. But I was all packed up with lot of schedules and everything much more happened and sorry for my voice which is not feeling well but still my heart is feeling to open up to share its opinion about moving on. Yeah, you heard it right. Moving on. Not only about things which we are stuck with. I mean to say not only in love, pain et cetera, et cetera

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Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 0:50
And we all say the time is precious, live in the present, live at the moment. But exactly when it comes, it's very tough to do it. But the moment you choose present over past, you really have won a biggest war or biggest thing in your life and you really see what kind of results you'd be getting out of it. Thank you
Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti
@Sri_Jaan · 1:12


Such a beautiful gesture from you is a very overwhelming and currently changed my mood. Love very well. I'm so thankful to you guys, so thankful to you. Take care and be happy. Keep smiling. Whenever you need me, you can see me again and keep listening to my twelve too. Thank you so much once again