Voice of my heart: "Over thinking"

But it is my opinion I have the right and I have the zeal of sharing it to my mother. But what hurts him is like my sister talked about me like this she had an objection on me having food. It exactly hurts everyone not only in the house but also in either office or your workplace anywhere. It damn hurts when we get to know another person. So people say it is overthinking but we can take the positive things in a very good manner but we cannot take the negative things

When people back bite about us #backbiting #bad #impact #overthinking #asumptions #hurt #ignore

Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 1:14
So that is something common with everyone. And I do agree that overthinking has become part of most of our lives. That is the reason why we are facing problems, because we overthink about every small aspect and consider it as a bigger issue. But truly it's not a bigger issue. So the moment you start understanding the impact of a situation and work according to it, you can bring lots of changes