Part 1 Cleansing your space and the mindfulness behind the spirituality

When somebody was sick, they would burn it to help cleanse the sickness and aid in the healing. So if you're going to obtain Palo Santo, you just need to make sure that it's being ethically sourced and preferably obtained by our indigenous friends. And fear not, there are several other herbs and burning woods that we can obtain and use every single day that I personally think are way better than white sage and palo santo. I just don't think people know about them

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Spiritually Boujee
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Part 2 herbal/wood burning and the spiritual mindfulness behind it #herbalburning #spirituality #palosanto #sage

White sage would probably even better because white sage brought it an entity for me. So you know what I mean? Let me know your thoughts. I love having conversation around this. Purely education. There's no calling out anybody that's using these things. Just if you didn't know. Maybe now you do know. Be a little bit more mindful. I've got a toddler. I gotta go. Stay spiritually. Bougie. I love you