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Are you and your family ready for any emergency?

And are you prepared to actually remain locked in without engaging outside? Because you have supplies of water and food to sustain your family? If you don't, then join this swirl as we dig into all of the basics of bugging out sheltering in and acquiring supplies to support your family in a time of an emergency, when you need to pull away yourself or even find a rendezvous point where you can be

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Honest question...what is bugout?

But even when I feel somewhat prepared, when last March or April, when the pandemic really started to set in and there's no paper towels, there's no toilet paper, there's no hand sanitizer. There's barely any soap in the stores. And that's when it kind of realized to me that maybe should be a little bit more prepared in case there is a run on supplies. And maybe that store is not even open
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Bug out is a military term but is used here to mean to leave you current po

I also have considered some of the things that a woman should have in her Buggle bag, so I can actually start another swell share that goes into the list of items that I've created just to support those who are interested in being prepared for that type of situation and so that they won't have to walk into the store and look around and stare at empty shelves. Right