Clay Lowe
@soulcruzer · 2:19

Please don’t lick this psychedelic toad, National Park Service warns

But what it is, and this is why it probably has its popularity, people want to lick it, is that if you get the toxins out and smoke them, it is apparently a powerful psychedelic. And according to the Oakland Zoo, if you smoke this toxin, it causes euphoria and strong auditory hallucinations. So there you have it

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 1:17
You know, I have never licked a toad, but you bring up an interesting point, which is maybe the princess who kissed the toad just had, like, an insane trip for the rest of her life where she just thought that the toad turned into a prince, but really she was just just really high. Yeah, that's my take on this whole conversation, but I think it's pretty crazy
Clay Lowe
@soulcruzer · 0:49


Yeah. Road. That's interesting. I didn't think about it like that. That the princess kissing the frog. She was just on one big, long trip after that when she had her Prince Charming. I love it. Yeah, no, absolutely it is. It really made me laugh, because it's just interesting, the weird stuff that we get up to as humans, we do some weird stuff. Like, who thought, you know what?
Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 1:37

@soulcruzer Another Toad Story

Once upon a time, there was a woman walking in the forest and she noticed a toad locked in a little cage. And she thought, how cruel. I shall release this toad from this cage so he can have his freedom and do as he wishes. And she releases the toad. And then he speaks to her, much to her shocked, and he says, You've released me. I shall grant you three wishes