Dysfunctional Deliveries pt1

And it embarrasses me a lot. But I've grown to ignore when people say stuff. But anyways, back to the thing at hand. So go post. They've had two drivers deliver my things to the wrong address. And it's not like it's a far address. It'll be a street or two over. And it's like it tells you exactly how to get here, right? And then Uber eats

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jalexus dickens
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It's like, I'm going to see that you did not put my Haagendaw's chocolate ice cream in there. I'm going to see that because I ordered it. I know what I ordered. And then my niece is hot chips. She has a hot chip problem and she likes her hot chips. And that's how I am with my chocolate and my ice cream. I like my items, so it's important that I get them
jalexus dickens
@soulcandyj · 4:57


I just it's stressing me out at this point because it's like, this Is only October and nobody is really out Christmas shopping or anything right now. When people start Christmas shopping and ordering stuff, it's going to be so Crazy, and it's making Me Feel like I'm just going to have to be getting out the house as often as possible, which is a lot because it's like then I Have To make sure the dog Is at Home, good and secured and okay
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Eluchianna Olive
@Luchianna · 3:32
I think a lot of these companies now are in it for, you know, to make a profit. The customer is second. The product is third. And number one is the profit, the profit margin, making money. You know, they don't really put on thought into actually servicing their customers and providing the product that they're promoting, selling it's trash. To me, it's really, truly trash. And nobody is monitoring them, so to speak
jalexus dickens
@soulcandyj · 1:47


And they're just making it difficult. I wish they would do better. I wish people cared more. I just really do. But I just know I need to be like, come on, we just have to go do all this stuff in person because this year is not going to be the same as the years before. I think we'll just have to wait till whenever because I don't think I can handle it anymore at all
Eluchianna Olive
@Luchianna · 1:03
I subscribe to this philosophy. I'm not going to spend my money, give my money to anybody who don't value or appreciate. There's a lot of fees. And that means if I have to take a hit, meaning I have to get in my car and go to the store or pay somebody else to go run that area and bring me that item, I'm going to do that
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:53
Kenya was our final destination, and we had to be rerouted back to Amsterdam because there was something wrong with the plane. But I remember the KLM attendant saying the same thing. She said, okay, this is the process. She was like, don't take the free flight that they offer. Don't take that. She's like, a lot of people get caught up in that, and they get so super excited, they sell themselves short with it