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@soberdemigirl · 4:08

Asking My Boyfriend 5 Questions: Episode 2

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And I would buy myself a bunch of cars and some mopeds and motorcycles. All in 30 minutes. How would you accomplish this? All in 30 minutes? I'd have to hire a flash. Flash would help. Okay. Good guy. Alright. This is kind of a sentimental one. What came across your mind during our first kiss? Or like right before or right after first kiss? Just any thought you can think of. I scared by doing anyway. I was scared too

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 2:30
That last one was so funny. It really reminded me of a skit from this show on Netflix called I Think You Should Leave, but full of, like, situations like that, you know? His answer was just spot on. I really liked it. Going to try and remember the questions because I don't have a picture in front of me. I can't see it. But my most used excuse to avoid meeting someone, I think probably that I have, like, a headache or something
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@soberdemigirl · 0:31


I just want to say that I literally always say I have a migraine when I don't want to do something. Like if I want to get out of work, if I don't feel like going really anywhere, I just migraine is my go to. I think I've had a migraine once into my life. So, yeah, I relate, dude. I relate. And thank you for listening. It seriously makes my day to hear your replies. I love it so much
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