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Sandipan Das
@sndpndas · 0:28

#MyProfile | Sandipan Das

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Hey. Hi all. This is sandipan here. I am a software engineer by profession. But I love reading books. I love photography and I like to write sometimes. Like whatever comes to my mind. You can call it the rantings of an insane mind or a sane mind. So yeah, that said about me. And I am here to share my voice and my thoughts with you all. Hope to see you all soon


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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 3:21

#bookreview #amreading #books #storytelling #poetry

And then once you start posting, they also can see that, okay, this person I follow, or this person who follows me had replied to me has posted. So they will check out your posts, your Swell, and yeah, I think your content is going to be like really interesting. So, yeah, I thought I'll just give this tip to you because it helps
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Sandipan Das
@sndpndas · 0:45
You're. Hey, thanks, Aishani, for reaching out and for replying to my first post, of course. And yeah, thanks for all the tips. And I'll definitely try to follow them. So I'm not sure if my posts are going to be interesting and all, but I'll try to be as much as informative or crisp as possible with the soils. So let's see where it takes me. And again, hope to interact with you all again. Okay
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