Poetry of Life
@smoothVibes32 · 3:25

I have questions, do you????

What's up, Swell? How you guys doing tonight? I hope you doing great, as always. I so love things platform. It gives you an avenue to express yourself. Whoever wants to listen can listen. And it lessens the burden of your hurt because you can get out your words and how you're feeling? Is it okay to question things you're taught a certain way in school? You're taught certain things are wrong and you're taught certain things are right

Is wrong to question things we were taught.

Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 1:18
Almost as if they really didn't want you to answer truthfully, but to just say, I'm fine. I'm okay. And as far as money to validate your worth is truly the capitalistic dream that we all live. Or should I say, a nightmare of a dream to which we all cannot see a way out of. But those promissory notes are just that note. And if money does define you, then intelligence and wisdom them never will
Shannan Watts
@Swatts6317 · 0:10
Good morning. I really love your palm. That was really inspirational. I hope you have a good, blessed, peaceful day