Middle class youths start reading good books please

today want to talk about frendshipspcly frendsip mong the uts of midilclas families, because we have lost the value of a good friendship specially in the middle class uts, because we thing that why who is doing what i say no matter its good or bad is my friend, even if i am offering him to test secret for the first time and he agrees he does it, then he is my best friend, does this really a good friendship, because we have stopped reading good books, we read only acadmic books in or in our classes from one to twelth और इफ वी डू ग्रेजुएशन फॉर स्टडी समथिंग वी आर प्रीपेयरिंग फॉर सम गवर्नमेंट एग्जाम्स वी रीड बुक्स वली रिलेटेड टू जी के मैथ एंड जीएस करेंट अफेयर्स and all kind, but we never red गुड बुक good pilosofers gret heros स्ट्रगल the person who has gone through a lot of struggle and achived ameningfulresul्t and we thing that its a west of time, we man वाच usलेस वेबसीरीज again again the same wabsiris i m not talking about different websiriesnwwil डिसकusthe wabsiriज among or friends, we will we will inswii⁇mnotsang that its bad completely, i am just sang that we have lost the concept of fruitful frenship, where we can grow among our friends, where we can help each other in every area in every dimension so that we can become veter human being, we have stoped reading good books, this is a serious problem of indian ut specialy in medal class families because our parents think that getting er government job is the best in in life and we dont able to achive that if you dont achieve that simply, then our parents or thing thing that now you should on something so go and work, wherever you want to work just go from the home and work please remember every ut this is my homबl रeक्uेस्ट दैट स्टार्ट riding books, even you work in a company as a labor, what you do right now please start riding books red good books nonficsnbook selfelbooksoto bograpies स्पेशली विल रेकमेंड द ऑटो बयग्राफीऑफडॉर पी जे अब्दुल कलाम माई पर्सनल फेverेt book आई कीeप लिसनिंग तो the otobaograpi dacrpisebdulclam on outube if you cant by the book listen to the odeo video watch him because we have lost the concept of gaming noleg in our society reding something good r reding some good books has become a joke specially in my society, i am not talking about holindiयa am talking about in my सोसइटी when i have स्टाr्टed रीडिंग a book call the monkusolhisparary, i have finish this book completely and i have learn many valable things, but my friends malkedmeitsoka please start reding good books on ly then you will improve your noleg and wigdemthank you।

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Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 0:50
This is very important. Prashant, you picked up something very interesting. Because books and habit of reading books. I think that is the best habit one can have. Because sitting in your home you can visit the world. When you're reading the books, you can visit so many perspectives, cultures. The way your brain starts, you know, seeing things. The way your perceptions change. The way you become more enlightened. It is amazing what books can do to you