Ah kutkisad bethevete make bhat so traiti kyachka logoko piarka matlabini pata kisikoni pata love kamatlab Kyahe. What does love mean? But I think love is not what you do. Love is what you are. To Mugar aikinsa piarkar to tumbyaniya to make gudhi piarki murad bhanjana chiya to merchanachi jiski vada jesse bhagwan jesse mother jesse family jesse nature jesse mother Earth jesse everything hamikinsipia kirk is dunyaku kesey jira. I don't understand. Why don't we love our nature? Why don't we love God?

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Avneet .
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Hi there. And firstly, welcome to swell. And I think you are absolutely right. Love is something which is our power and we as like the sole owner, if it can really sense it, where to distribute it, when to actually let it out. And if we are just wasting it all on a single person, we are really doing something very wrong. We should love everything which has brought us into existence, everything which has contributed in our journey