siya shah
@siyashah7 · 0:33

need new ideas!!

Hi, everyone. I hope you had a good day so far. So today is just like any normal day. But I am doing something interesting right now. I'm currently making a scrapbook. Yeah, it's a little weird, but I think I'd appreciate if I can get a few ideas if you can help me out


Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 1:09
In terms of ideas, I think I really like when people make this scrapbook like super aesthetic with they cut out quotes from somewhere. Now I don't know where they do it from exactly. I don't think anybody cuts stuff out from a book probably they take out printouts and then take bits and pieces from there and stick them and sort of they all come together to mean something. I really like that
manvi acharya
@manvi_graphics · 3:13
I should just record everything in a form of a scrapbook, all my travel experiences, so you can do that as well. And some people use scrapbook for just their passion. I've seen my designer fellows doing it because they were inspired by some kind of an art. So they just started making those kind of things like all the cutouts from that particular artist or stuff like that. When you get inspired about certain topics
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