Confidence(getting my hairs and nails done)

I think that's the first step from everyone getting your hairs and nails on are not just about appearance. It's about new changes in our lives that we want, that we need. So, the Pasha, I welcome you to join me on this conversation. So, do you relate to this? Do you have this instant urge to change your appearance when you want to change your life?
Priya kashyap
@Priya_swell_ · 0:52


Hey, Simran, that was such an interesting topic. You are correct. But in some respects it may not. Because if I will be called to say anything about confidence, then I will definitely say that when you are aware and when you are prepared for whatever decisions you are going to take to change your life, that is what the confidence is. I'm saying this line because I am totally not interested in keeping my nails going or keeping my hairs good