My personal favorite song is Hiratang Bai, San Anturia and San Antonio. So if I talk about this song, it's a really peaceful and soothing song. Whenever I close my eyes and listen to the song, I feel like I'm sitting by the river in mountains like Cassoul, Kashmir and looking at the stars. And my favorite line in this particular song is Kahado delone Judah that shows how beautiful a relationship can be. The song is a fantasy for me


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Hi, Finnan. I hope you are doing great. So you talked about Sanum Puriya. He's an amazing singer. And I also love this song. Like, Chakali is one of my favorite song. This one I also love. And the way you are saying kiwi sitting by the river, closing your eyes. It was just so beautiful, I can even imagine it. And it was good. I was feeling really great. So thank you so much for posting this song
Bipasha Sehrawat
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I have posted a swell on this one too and my favorite line from this song is Samuel and kind of this is very true that it's so difficult to find someone who will love you for who you are like truly personal courage that is so difficult and if you have that personally you like don't take them for granted or ditch them just because you think they will always be there for us. It's
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I just loved the way you explain the song
Shivam Nigam
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It was a rarely great song
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Hi, Shalom. Thank you so much for applying on this way
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Hi, Andrew. Thank you so much for applying on my swell
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Hi Bipasha. So thank you for replying as well. And yeah, I think I love all of Santa Fe's song. Like he is so great and he sings so well. I think he makes every song so perfect. Thanks
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Hi, Bipasha. Yeah, I did check this well, and it was really great. And I think this song, Kalhonau, is everyone's favorite. Like, it's the it's in the list. It's always in the list, you know, and I think all the lines are so perfect in the songs. And especially the lines you have mentioned is so beautiful