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Simran Sehrawat
@simrannnn · 1:30


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What is a fling? Having a sexual relationship for a short time without any commitment towards each other. Do you think fling is good? It is easy. I do because there comes time in our life where we don't want to be in a serious relationship where we don't want to stay committed to someone. That's when most people go for flings. I think it's great. Two people who are not ready for relationship but want intimacy
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Varun Aich
@varunkaich · 0:39
So it's nice to know that you're in favor of that and you support that support flings. You know, it's nice to know. I would say that, you know, it's really a personal choice. And if something which is really personal and intimate should be left to an individual's choice making judgments and some sort in a perception, it's not really fair because it's really a personal thing. You appreciate that, right?
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Simran Sehrawat
@simrannnn · 0:28


Hi, everyone. So thank you for replying on us. Well and yes, first of all, you are absolutely correct. A person will decide for themselves. You know, we are we, or anyone have no rights to decide for someone else. So yeah, I was just saying some people say it's wrong. That's what I was saying. But I don't think it is wrong. And all of you have your personal choices and you can make it free
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