Simmren Roy
@Simmren_90 · 2:46

Down the memory lane!

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So let me tell you the story behind this picture. It was 5th February 2022. It was De Kantar's birthday. He was very excited for his birthday and we had our classes from 08:00 in the morning. After that he came to the classes and he started distributing perks to everyone and we wished him birthday casually. On that day another batch made of us had his birthday too. So after our classes we acted like we had no plans for him and we were about to leave


Siddhanta Pramanik
@Siddhanta007 · 0:28
Definitely a story that is worth to know an IPT Deep concert for such inhuman friends he has who pretends to just not stay beside him but actually actually are so good. In fact, if I knew that that was both done that day, we would have also done something so never mind. Also, it was a lovely, lovely story