Siddardh Alamanda
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Marvel Comics- How it came about

And then from the 19s 70s, a whole new generation of talent began emerging at Marvel. And from then on, Marvel became more popular than ever, with most of the new writers that worked at Marvel being critically acclaimed and being very popular. And the comics they published as well were very well received by the public. And by the 2000, Marvel Comics had become what it is today. Although later on, films based on the comics came up and they were hugely popular
diya sabapathy
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Hey, Seda, I didn't know that was how it came about. This is so cool. Thanks for sharing
Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:28
Hey there. Thanks for the really wonderful summary. I'm a big Marvel Comics fan, and it's really nice to be reminded of how it all came about. And Jack Kirby and Stanley were so unbelievably important to the landscape of comic books and superheroes. And really, we wouldn't even be close to where we're at today in terms of the lore without those two brilliant minds