Siddardh Alamanda
@siddardh · 3:16

My first Safari!

But we only saw glimpses of parts of his body and me personally, I thought I saw leg or something of the black leopard, but I'm not too sure. And at the end of the day we didn't see anything. But we always had the next day. And I think I'm going to stop here for this well and make a part two of something or something for the second day of the trip. Because if I start talking about it now, I'll probably cross time limit


@nimisha · 0:05
Does it so good actually, you get a very good spell
diya sabapathy
@diyasabs · 0:24
Hey, I remember this time. It was like a few months ago or something. I don't remember. But yeah, it was. It was super fun. And like your smell, like whatever you were talking about, it brought back at nostalgia because I went like, one or two weeks after you. But yeah, thanks for talking about it and bringing back memories