Shruti Khatri
@Shrutikhatriii · 1:25

Is Ukrainian Army doing the right thing?

So today I just wanted to talk about the absolute absurd thing that the Ukrainian Army is doing so if you all know that this is very serious that Indian students have been given green signals by every neighborhood of Ukraine to cross their borders without visa but now what is happening is that Ukraine Army is treating Indian students and citizens as hostages of war I mean they are thrashing beating Indian students who are at Poland border now is it fair Indians all have shared stories of the sufferings of Ukraine and show sympathy for them but how Ukrainian Army is behaving is totally absurd the way we all have shared our concern and sympathy for Ukrainian people it's time to show for our Indian nationals as well I mean those are our people who have been acted as hostages of war and being brutally attacked by Ukraine Army who have nothing to do with this war I just request you all to please share sympathy and concern for them am also so that higher authority of not just India but all over the world should know about this absolutely unjustified behavior thank you