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Shrinidhi Iyer
@Shrinidhiiyer · 4:40

Why we should take internships!

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Internships can help students develop the soft skills needed in the workplace and in positions of leadership. Soft skills were evaluated as being more significant than technical skills. Communication, leadership, problem solving, and teamwork are all skills that can be taught through an internship and used afterwards

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Sohini Joarder
@Rover_Phoenix · 0:53
And I think that's what's very important to know your worth, to know the worth of your work. I mean, sometimes companies tend to make you work for $1215, giving you a rather less amount of money. So yeah, that's a point. I just wanted to say
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@Shaz · 1:32
I wouldn't say 100% to this side or 100% to that side. I'm interested to know what you think. I'm been out of breath. I've been walking for a while now
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Shrinidhi Iyer
@Shrinidhiiyer · 1:37


And I just want to recommend that go for internships that are paid ones, because that will teach you the value of money if you do paid internships, and when you will get your first ever stipend, that will make you feel so proud. And that will also teach you the value of money. Like, it's really important for us to learn that first, because in the long run, it is going to be really difficult to handle the finances
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Shrinidhi Iyer
@Shrinidhiiyer · 1:51


And yeah, that's like an early experience. That's like a glimpse of what it will be like in the next few years. Your life will completely change and you have to start to learn how to be responsible from now on. And being a College student, internships are a fantastic opportunity. It not only gives you experience, it teaches you how to be cordial with the other person and how to learn from other people. And there are many more perks of it
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Darshini Kumar
@Darshini · 0:28
So true. Shrinidhi, the first thing they look in your resume is the internships or the experience that you have. And I think it's really great that, you know, you have shed light on this topic. You've talked about this topic. Many people would feel it's very beneficial to them. So thank you. First of all, talking about this and get going
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Shrinidhi Iyer
@Shrinidhiiyer · 0:20


Thank you so much Darshani, for your reply. This means a lot and yes, I genuinely wanted to share how beneficial and how advantageous it would be for your future. So I hope I I could deliver the message and thank you so much for replying. Thank you. Bye
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