What do you think about when you're in the washroom😭😂😂

I mostly think about the answers that I'm going to give and I make my answers according to what would be the spiciest to say on that show so that I win the hamper so that's that for me. And I want to know what you guys think. We have the most craziest thoughts roaming around our minds when we are you're in the washroom completely agree to this

Come on guys reply to this swell I'm sure you have the craziest answers

Urshita Aggarwal
@urshita2072 · 0:07
Hi Shrinidhi I generally choreographed dances when I'm in the washroom
Heena Dua
@heenadua · 0:20
Well, I'm happy to know that there are people out other who are very open to talk about it. And it's no shame in doing that. I really like it. I have a lot, many thoughts while I use the washer
Riya Sharma
@Rsharmaiya · 0:36
I usually think that I'm accidentally bumping into a singer and then singing a song with them and then getting really famous and somebody is asking me questions on interview. How is it like to be famous or like, how was your life story? How did you get to meet them and how did you sing a song with them? Kind of coffee with Kerry, meeting someone famous and because of them, then getting famous again