Shreya Garg
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What's your favorite fast food chain?

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So honestly, right now, my current favorite fast food chain would be Subway and then I would give it to Domino's or Megd. Both are great. So what is your favorite food chain? Do share it with me. I would love to know

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Avijit Raj
@Mr.Gentleman96 · 2:53
Towson pisa is amazing. And another one is Mojo. And the last one I would recommend is the Lean Crust. They have the very thin crust, but they have both the options, like the cheese burst as well as without cheeseburst. So they are amazing one. And if you go about the Daisy Indian food, then we have one Chungyzi Chicken in Daria Grand. So that's quite famous since nineties, I guess. So I've been eating out there since nineties
Shreya Garg
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Hi there. Now, those were some unique recommendations and I haven't been to any of them except there. As you said, that's very common. And I cannot try most of them because they're not known I am a vegetarian. But I have taken the pizza place's recommendation. I was for sure visit them. And I have heard about that place you said, the chicken place in Variance. I have heard about it. I but I have never visited it
Shreya Garg
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Hi. Actually I have been craving Chipotle ever since I watched the YouTube series of Ryan. Like how he always went to Chipotle during his 30 day day trip. But sadly Chipotle is not in India and that's why I'm not able to try it. But when I visit America then I'll for sure try it. It's one thing on my tutorial. Thank you for your reply
Garima Makhija
@garimamakhijaa · 0:37
And if you want to know in general, then it has to be McDonald's, because again, it's something that's very go to, that's very comfortable, that's very good to be chosen. I hope you have an amazing
Tremaine Hinds
@tremaine · 1:47
I don't know if I can choose just one favorite fast food chain. I have a few kind of really into fast food. I love Chickfila but also like Wendy's. You know, a lot of these places, like they have the same menus basically. So I like Wendy's, I like Chickfila. I just really like chicken nuggets and fries. But something funny, I haven't eaten McDonald's since I was in 7th grade because of that documentary Super Sized Me
Tanya Mahajan
@Tanya30 · 1:18
Hi. So talking about the fabric fast food chain that I like, it is difficult to choose, but I think I would go with McDonald only because has everything that a normal Indian people like. We have the burger with the different flavors and with a lot of Indian spices mix in it. And if it doesn't want the Indian flavors there are also other flavors that can satisfy. So I think MCD is the fast version that I really like
grace pouri
@gracepouri · 0:34
I think my favorite fast food chain would be either Raising Canes or in and out. I don't really eat them. I don't really eat fast food often, but but I feel like whenever I do, it is one of those unless I want to get some hash browns, I'll go to McDonald's, but I don't really eat fast food. So I feel like in and out is definitely the winner of that one
Isabella Croston
@isabellaa · 0:14
Alltime favorite subway all time. But then I just saw Emily's reply in here of her talking about Chipotle, and I will have to say I love Chipotle, but yeah. So those two interchangeable
Chatty Girija
@CheersChatty007 · 1:29

Wada pav stall is my go to fast food chain #cheerschatty #vadapav #swelltalk #swell #beerpodcast

Whoever it is, everyone finds place here, feels comfortable out here, picks up a power and that's it. Get on your power and start running. So, yes, for me, it's the Mumbai. And when you couple it with capri chik cutting but life said tables, you don't need anything else at all. Cheers. Bubble and keep swelling
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