Tamara F.

Welcome to my audio diary of sorts. Find me in other places across the web: https://linktr.ee/shelfaddiction

How Many Times The Charm? | Book Nerd Problems

@shelfaddiction|1mo ago|2:04

Do you keep giving the same author try after try even thoughh their books recently have been only average? How many tries do you give their books?

Do you consider yourself "well read"? | Book Nerd Problems

@shelfaddiction|1mo ago|1:33

If you read a lot of books, have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you weren't "well read"? How did you deal with it? #reading

Bailing on the Iron Fey Series

@shelfaddiction|1mo ago|3:44

I'm three books in and I'm over it! What book series have you quit midway through?



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