So this poem is a play on the words as Charlotte the spider, and as Charlotte's as a reference to women, and about how women can just enter your life and suck you dry. And there's nothing you can do about it just because you fell for the trap. So here we go. Charlotte. How did you get in front of my window?

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Edana Celeste
@SheGoddess · 0:23

How did you feel about it could u see the vision

It. So, yeah, I just want to know, like, how did you feel about it? Could you see the vision where I was going? Leave details. Leave details below. Please give me some feedback. I'm thinking about using it in this little poetry thing, so I just want to hear how you guys feel about it
Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:35
Thanks for sharing. I thought there was a real intensity to it, I think because of the there's so much repetition in there and there's something about repetition in poetry that makes something very dire and urgent. And I felt that with your piece. So I think you really managed to capture that emotion and that kind of sense of moving forward, kind of fighting against this spider web that's that's keeping you in place. I really liked it. Yeah, I'd love to hear more