@Shaz · 1:15

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ban in India?? Ethical? 🤔

Some of these rules include having compliance officers to listen to the complaints of the people and these officers need to be Indian. Others also include moderating and supervising the content that goes through these platforms. How do you think about this in an ethical standpoint? On one hand, these tech Giants could push their propaganda if the content goes unsupervised #socialmedia #ban #twitterban #itrules2021 #facebookban #instagramban

Mohamed Zaghloul
@madymz · 2:37
It has some pros and cons actually the pros because sometimes we get fake news and this news really affected the people who are not well cultured and just to follow the other people's thoughts, especially this time we are facing a big challenge for this pandemic and all of the people, not all the people, some of them they consider themselves doctors and they give some traction to people to follow some kind of medicine or if they are infected, better to do this or this so such as this fake news supposed to be controlled and supposed to be supervised from the government