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@Shaz · 1:38

Why do only female Indian actors retire / slow down after getting married?

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Have you ever wondered how the same thing can affect two people so differently, especially when it comes to marriage. You see how it is a career boost. And a lot of fans celebrated for the male actors, while for the female male actors, it is a beginning of the end of the career and most likely retirement. Why does this double standard happen before you come at me with saying, oh, this is a personal choice of the actresses

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Shahnaz Ahmed
@bookishpodcast · 1:52

Why? I don’t know…

Shahs, this is a great question. Why it's really loaded. But, you know, you're right. Society thinks in terms of, you know, women. Ah, once they're married, their place is in the home. So there is a societal expectation. There's also this is going to go the wrong way. But I feel like married men, I should carry out. Some married men can be possessive of their wives. It's like now you're my property
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