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Alex in Wonderland: A Tanglish musical standup comedy show!

And the second one is that it is relatable for people across all ages. Music is universal, and a lot of the music that references that he makes is very relatable to the grandparents in your house, right up to the youngest in the house and the last one. Of course, there's music involved. There's singing involved. And also the show is in Tangled, which is a mixture of summer and English

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Sathish Kumar Kandasamy
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Hey, a great SAS. I'm sharing the clippings of distributes to MSV. And yes, so that I mean those were interested can just see the clips and then they can see through measuring prime or wherever is show is available
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@SathishK Yesudas tribute 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Hey, thank you so much for sharing the link. The Es Tribute is one of my favorite parts of The Stand Up show