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The police said shots were fired near Union Station and several people were struck, the Kansas City Police Department said. It is unclear how many were injured. Two armed police, sorry, two armed people were detained. The police said a parade began around 11:00 a.m. And ended with a rally in front of the train station in Kansas City, Missouri. A live stream of the celebration showed a chaotic scene outside the sea of hundreds of fans in red jerseys who fled from the rally. This is an updated story
Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:08
And, you know, just seeing the tweets come out and all of the information come out, it's just heartbreaking stuff. I mean, can we not, as a society, just for a little bit, have some peace and quiet? There's just so many bad actors these days that for one reason or another are able to perpetrate this kind of violence, and it's just terrible stuff