Morning birds and a dose of wisdom.

There is something soothing and hopeful about the sound of birds in the morning, a gentle reminder to live

The sound of #birds reminds me to live in the moment.

Mark Smithivas
@msmithivas · 0:40


Hey, Shannon, nice to see you on Swell. What a beautiful pastiche of imagery, sound and your voice, especially on this Easter Sunday. I really love seeing this photo of a tree with all the branches and all the smaller ones branching out. It looks sort of like the human body and all the blood veins and things. So looking forward to more of your content here. And I will also catch up to you this week on Twitter. Spaces have a good one
Shannon Skinner
@Shannon · 0:22

Thank you

Thank you, Mark. I really appreciate that. I am just learning how to use this thing. So yeah, I'm really curious to know what the deal is here with Swell. So thank you for your comment. I so much appreciate it. And I look forward to seeing you on Spaces this week