Shania Blue
@Shania · 2:28

Embracing Change

I'm positive that as this chapter closes there will begin another chapter that will allow me to live and love more with renewed acceptance of what is. Thank you

As part of my Lean In series it is impotant to focus on change - the only transformative journey thar propels growth.

Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:34

#inspired #change #accept #brave

Hey. Love the sentiment. I love the practice of letting go and releasing expectations and just leaning into the discomfort and embracing the change. I agree. I think it's so important and it's something a lot of us fear. But hearing people like you who can show up each day and do it, it's all the inspiration some people need. So thank you for being out here and making it easy for people to understand and leading by example
Shania Blue
@Shania · 1:57


And hopefully I can make a huge difference in people's lives by narrating my own story, by narrating my own beliefs, and by narrating my own acts of resilience so that it makes a difference that people are looking for. Thank you very much