Shane Paul Neil
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The Best Thing White People Can Do For Black History Month Is Keep Their Promise

article image placeholderBlack History Month
And I'm using this opportunity just to kind of remind folks that the stuff that we talked about last year or that white allies talked about last year still holds up, and it's still the expectation. Also, I can't stand the term ally, but I'll post that post at another point. I think there's a link in this piece actually as well. But either way, for everybody to read it, hit me back

A conversation about Black History Month and the promises made by white allies in 2020. https://link.medium.com/V0x0fpjFKdb

Taylor J
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So well written. I appreciate your insight tremendously

But it is going to take a lot of work. When I was an undergrad, I did a religious studies and black studies double major. And when I was in the black studies Department, one of the things that literally all of my classmates told me, I think I was one of two white people in the entire Department, and one of the things they just told me was just listen and with what you hear, try to help that inform the decisions that you make in your everyday life
phil spade
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Hiring a Diversity officer is a start, not an end.

We're hiring a diversity manager, and my gut tells me that that's where the Corporation stops and that's exactly where they should be starting hiring a diversity officer or a chief diversity officer is great. But it's not the end. It's just the beginning. And that's the key thing that I don't know that corporations are going to understand or follow through on and again, I think you're right to call that out at this time
Izzy S-L
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Allyship as an action not a label

Thank you so much for what you wrote. I really, really appreciate it. I am kind of on the cusp between Generation Z and Millennium, millennials, millennials. And as a Black woman, I find that a lot of my peers who are white tend to talk the talk, but not walk the walk
Shane Paul Neil
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@Phil @Tyler @Izzy

Yeah, it's knowing when to listen and when to learn and when to be vocal in the stand up and be forward facing on these things. And I kind of had to learn through the years that what it comes down to quite often is being vocal in the spaces where there are no rewards. In my case, I'm Cisgender Hetero black dude who is a former athlete. So for me, it's the locker rooms. It was queer, phobia, transphobia, misogyny
Calvin Cumberlander
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My response: From "Calvin’s World " Calvin Cumberlander

My name is Calvin Edwards from Calvin's World and to the brother that had done his piece on this topic here. I just wanted want to just share with you my brother. I appreciate the model that you had gave and to my response to your monologue is the fact that what the best thing white people can do for Blacks. Well, this do do do do for Black History Month is a lot on my live stream