Will human collectives ever stop attaching moral judgments to physical ailments? πŸ€”

And to me, it seems obvious that as the person continues to suffer and still does all the quote unquote right things, that they're going to feel like they failed again and again and again, which can only make someone struggling with anxiety or depression spiral down further, faster. So why would the collective want to do that? I mean, I can sort of go down that rabbit hole of trying to figure out, and there's still some things I don't understand

How many lives must we lose, before this stops? Or... will humans continue this pattern ad infinitum? 😭 β€’ #depression #anxiety #morals #health

Isoellen Writes
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Hey, I'm excited to talk about this with you. I really am. I don't know how to. I'm going to come at it with an idea that maybe splits it down. The hat in the hat in half. There is the physical realm and there is the spiritual realm, and there's a crossover between the two. That's where the collective, I guess, as you call it, and I love how gentle you were with that
Isoellen Writes
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Don't paint them all with one brush, because you don't know there might be some people out there who are a little bit more aware of the differences between science and spirituality. I got to tell you, I have encountered people who were evil. There was something wrong with them, and it was not just a mental issue because I deal with dementia people all the time. I've dealt with all the


Like, too far into the realm of science without considering the unknown, this mindset, this energy, whatever it might be, right? Or if it leans too far in the direction of the spiritual, when there's some sort of equilibrium there that we, of course, can't quite look at yet or grasp yet. And it's not the unknowns that bothers me so much
J.L. Beasley
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There are women that I am familiar with that will pop plan b several times in the week instead of using birth control or instead of asking their male sexual partner to use a condom. And it's mind boggling to me. And I said, I wonder because there is starting to be some women who are not able to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy. And so that's a condition, right?


And meaning then we're giving off different amounts or less. I guess it's the same thing. Pheromones, so that there's less for men to pick up on, which means their body may be producing less sperm. And again, I don't know that that's necessarily been tested. But if you think about side effects, potentially either way, you may have difficulty getting pregnant. Either way, there's this additional layer of societal level impact with birth control